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Combined Test Awards

Year-end high point awards, first through fifth place, shall be presented by MSEDA at the annual meeting in the following Combined Test divisions or division sub-classifications. We reserve the right to combine sub-classifications if there are fewer than five qualifiers. 


a) Starter - Junior

b) Starter - Senior

c) Starter - Master

d) Beginner Novice - Junior

e) Beginner Novice - Senior

f) Beginner Novice - Master

g) Novice - Junior

h) Novice - Senior

i) Novice - Master

j) Training - Junior

k) Training - Senior

l) Training - Master

m) Preliminary - Young Rider

n) Preliminary - Senior

o) Preliminary - Master

p) Intermediate

q) Advanced

Current Year-End Standings

Updated 10/12/2017

Shows Include:
Covered Bridge PC CT
Paul Frazier CT
Sayre CT
Wilderness Trace PC CT
Blackhorse June
Meadowlake CT
Horse Aid Live
Nancy Newton Memorial CT
Meadowlake CT August

Starter Total
Alicia Benben (SR) Be More Bullish 10
Molly Deperna (M) Talledega Knight 3
Ella Moss (JR) Glamour Girl 3
Tracy Scott (M) Patent Pending 2
Linda Woods-Busby (M) L'Ovest 5
Beginner Novice Total
Meg Alexander (YR) Porter 1
Josie Bankston (JR) Galway Girl 1
Alicia Benben (SR) Be More Bullish 8
Kristen Brennan (SR) Moscato 2
Courtney Calnan (SR) CC Little Black Dress 6
Stephanie Church (SR) It Happened Again 3
Stacy Curwood (SR) Rock Hard Attitude 4
Melanie French ((SR) Stargazer Lily 4
Joan Gariboldi (SR) Isabella 3
Rachel Leneweaver (SR) Clear Sailing 4
Grace McDaniel (YR) Two Punch 4
Natanya McMahon (SR) Quiero Bourbon 3
Rachel Miles (SR) Zane 4
Sarah Shade (SR) Shady Hills Donovan 5
Chris Tucker (SR) Apple Jack 2
Linda Woods-Busby (M) L'Ovest 4
Novice Total
Kristen Brennan (SR) Moscato 3
Courtney Calnan (SR) CC Little Black Dress 5
Stacy Curwood (SR) Rock Hard Attitude 8
Jillian Gregory (JR) Casanova 2
Emma Hilt (JR) The Blues Man 1
Rachel Leneweaver (SR) Clear Sailing 3
Micki McDaniel (SR) Magic Artist 3
Natanya McMahon (SR) Quiero Bourbon 5
Margaret Millar (JR) Classic Hero 4
Megan Moore (SR) Master Moretti 3
Megan Moore (SR) Master Switch 2
Whitney Morris (SR) Carry Me Home 2
Tate Northrup (JR) Megafoxx 5
Emma O'Brien (JR) Piccolo's Dance 1
Kelly Pacitti (SR) Clifford 3
Marty Riney (SR) War Melody 5
Marty Riney (SR) Quite An American 4
Ruth Rosendaul (JR) Kaloosh 2
Hayden Simon (JR) Low Key Obsession 9
Melinda Thomas (SR) Quantum Leam 4
Laura Wilhelm (SR) Bowman's Point 4
Laura Wilhelm (SR) And Loving It 7
Nicole Wozniak (SR) Curiosity 1
Training Total
Katherine Alexander (SR) Denira 5
Saige Baker (SR) That'll Do 1
Jane Beshear (M) Mountain Light 1
Lauren Burhmann (SR) Currahee 3
Gracie Elliott (JR) Ballylanders Finn McCool 8
Emma Higgins (YR) Jones Player 5
Emma Hilt (JR) The Blues Man 2
Natanya McMahon (SR) Quiero Bourbon 1
Megan Moore (SR) Master Mind 5
Whitney Morris (SR) Carry Me Home 3
Hayden Simon (JR) Low Key Obsession 2
Melinda Thomas (SR) Quantum Leap 1
Laura Willhelm (SR) Bowman's Point 4
Laura Willhelm (SR) And Loving It 2
Nicole Wozniak (SR) Curiosity 2
Prelim Total
Lauren Burhmann (SR) Currahee 1
Katie Hensley (SR) Boot Scoot'n Boogie 1
Nicole Kowalski (SR) Ballingore Knight 5
Emma Higgins (YR) Jones Player 4
Megan Moore (SR) Mooney McGuire 5
Megan Moore (SR) Master Mind 4
Elizabeth Ragan (YR) The Perfect Storm MK 2
Madeleine Richards (YR) Whitfield 4

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