Mid-South Eventing & Dressage Association

Please note that all shows marked with * are MSEDA Sanctioned

Upcoming Dressage Shows

Past events

05/12/2018 Sayre School CT and Dressage Show*
04/19/2018 KDA George Williams Clinic
03/31/2018 28th Annual Paul Frazer Memorial Combined Tests & Dressage Show*
03/25/2018 Spring Run Spring Dressage Show*
03/10/2018 Majestic Farm March Madness Schooling Show
03/03/2018 Snowbird Dressage*
02/10/2018 Snowbird Dressage*
01/20/2018 Back to basics: An intimate masterclass with Charlotte Dujardin CBE
01/13/2018 Cancelled- Snowbird Dressage*
12/16/2017 Snowbird Dressage*
11/19/2017 KDA Schooling Show*
11/18/2017 Snowbird Dressage*
11/12/2017 Greenacres Foundation Combined Test
10/14/2017 KDA Fall Classic I*
10/10/2017 MSEDA Sponsored George Williams Clinic
09/08/2017 MSEDA Dressage at the Park I & II*
09/08/2017 MSEDA Dressage at the Park*
08/30/2017 Summerbird Dressage
08/23/2017 Summerbird Dressage
08/16/2017 Summerbird Dressage
08/12/2017 Meadow Lake Combined Test & Dressage Show*
08/09/2017 Summerbird Dressage
08/06/2017 KDA Schooling Show*
08/05/2017 Horse Aid Live*
08/02/2017 Summerbird Dressage
07/30/2017 Stone Place Stables Mini Trial
07/26/2017 Summerbird Dressage
07/23/2017 Nancy F Newton Memorial Dressage and CT*
07/19/2017 Summerbird Dressage
07/12/2017 Summerbird Dressage
07/09/2017 KDA Summer Classic II KDA Breed Show II*
07/07/2017 KDA Summer Classic I NDPC Championships and KDA Breed Show 1*
07/05/2017 Summerbird Dressage
06/28/2017 Summerbird Dressage
06/24/2017 MSEDA Sponsored Jeremy Steinberg Clinic
06/21/2017 Summerbird Dressage
06/18/2017 Blackhorse Stables CT and Dressage*
06/14/2017 Summerbird Dressage
06/07/2017 Summerbird Dressage
05/28/2017 KDA 31st Annual Dressage Show*
05/26/2017 KDA Spring Warm Up Show*
05/20/2017 Wilderness Trace Pony Club CT and Dressage*
05/14/2017 Greenacres Foundation Combined Test
05/13/2017 Sayre School Combined Test and Dressage Show*
05/02/2017 Clayton Fredericks Clinic
04/22/2017 NKHN Dressage Schooling Show
03/26/2017 Spring Run Spring Dressage Show*
03/19/2017 Covered Bridge CT*
03/19/2017 Covered Bridge Pony Club Combined Test*
03/04/2017 Snowbird Winter Dressage Series & Team Challenge*
02/11/2017 Snowbird Winter Dressage Series & Team Challenge*
01/14/2017 Snowbird Winter Dressage Series & Team Challenge*
12/17/2016 Jeremy Steinberg Clinic
12/17/2016 Snowbird Winter Dressage Series & Team Challenge*
11/20/2016 KDA Fall Schooling Show
11/19/2016 Snowbird Winter Dressage Series & Team Challenge*
11/05/2016 [Canceled] MSEDA Sponsored Sandy Osborn Fix-a-Test Clinic
11/05/2016 Flying Cross Farm Mini Trial, Dressage
10/22/2016 Harvest Thyme I & II
10/15/2016 KDA Fall Classic I*
09/24/2016 Bluegrass Pony Club "Very not Scary" Mini-trial & CT
09/16/2016 OKIM Championships*
09/11/2016 Blackhorse Stables Mini Trial
09/10/2016 MSEDA Dressage at the Park II*
09/09/2016 MSEDA Dressage at the Park I*
08/31/2016 Summerbird Dressage
08/28/2016 Blackhorse Stables CT & Dressage*
08/24/2016 Summerbird Dressage
08/17/2016 Summerbird Dressage
08/10/2016 Summerbird Dressage
08/07/2016 Hotter than Blue Blazes II*
08/07/2016 KDA 7th Annual Schooling Show*
08/06/2016 Horse Aid Live CT & Dressage Show*
08/05/2016 Hotter than Blue Blazes I*
08/03/2016 Summerbird Dressage
07/27/2016 Summerbird Dressage
07/24/2016 Nancy F. Newton Memorial*
07/20/2016 Summerbird Dressage
07/13/2016 Summerbird Dressage
07/10/2016 Blackhorse Stables CT & Dressage*
07/10/2016 KDA Summer Classic II*
07/06/2016 Summerbird Dressage
07/02/2016 Flying Cross Farm Mini Trial, Dressage
06/29/2016 Summerbird Dressage
06/25/2016 MSEDA Sponsored Jeremy Steinberg Clinic
06/22/2016 Summerbird Dressage
06/20/2016 Champagne Run Farm MT, CT, Dressage - Summer Series II
06/19/2016 Blackhorse Stables CT & Dressage*
06/18/2016 Chrissa Hoffman Dressage Clinic
06/15/2016 Summerbird Dressage
06/12/2016 Majestic View II*
06/10/2016 Majestic View I*
06/08/2016 Summerbird Dressage
06/01/2016 Summerbird Dressage
05/29/2016 KDA 30th Annual Dressage Show*
05/27/2016 KDA Spring Warm-Up Show*
05/21/2016 Wilderness Trace PC CT & Dressage*
05/14/2016 Flying Cross Farm Mini Trial, Dressage
05/14/2016 Sayre School CT and Dressage Show*
05/08/2016 Ride for the Roses II*
05/07/2016 Ride for the Roses I*
04/02/2016 Majestic Farm Adventures I Dressage
03/26/2016 Paul Frazier Memorial CT and Dressage*
03/20/2016 Spring Run Dressage Show*
03/13/2016 Covered Bridge Pony Club Open Combined Test*
03/05/2016 Snowbird Dressage*
02/20/2016 Snowbird Dressage*

Midsouth Eventing & Dressage Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

MSEDA’s mission is to promote and preserve the sports of Eventing and Dressage in the Mid-South area, by providing leadership and education to its members and the community at large. To further these goals, MSEDA will provide educational opportunities, fair and safe competitions, promote the welfare of the horse and rider and reward the pursuit of excellence from the grass roots to the FEI level.

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