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Combined Test Awards

Year-end high point awards, first through fifth place, shall be presented by MSEDA at the annual meeting in the following Combined Test divisions or division sub-classifications. We reserve the right to combine sub-classifications if there are fewer than five qualifiers. 


a) Starter - Junior

b) Starter - Senior

c) Starter - Master

d) Beginner Novice - Junior

e) Beginner Novice - Senior

f) Beginner Novice - Master

g) Novice - Junior

h) Novice - Senior

i) Novice - Master

j) Training - Junior

k) Training - Senior

l) Training - Master

m) Preliminary - Young Rider

n) Preliminary - Senior

o) Preliminary - Master

p) Intermediate

q) Advanced

Points awarded as follows:

  1ST 2ND 3RD 4TH 5TH
5 or more entries 5 4 3 2 1
4 entries 4 3 2 1  
3 entries 3 2 1    
2 entries 2 1      
1 entry 1        

To be eligible for all awards:

1. The competition year begins on January 1 and runs through December 31 of the year.

2. The rider must be a member in good standing and fulfill the minimum volunteer hours. (eight hours total -- four at either the Mid South Dressage Show or Mid South Team Challenge.) Click here for the Volunteer Hours Form.

3. Activate the horse - notify the secretary on the membership form the horse/rider combination. Points accrue only after activation date is in effect.

Current Year-End Standings

Updated June 3, 2023

Results include the following shows:

Covered Bridge Pony Club Combined Test: March 19, 2023
Tuscany Hollow Stables Combined Test: May 20, 2023
Meadow Lake Mini Trial & Combined Test I: May 21, 2023
Bluegrass Pony Club CT and Jumping Show: May 20, 2023
Paul Frazer CT and Dressage Show: March 25, 2023
Masterson Equestrian Trust CT and Dressage Show: April 22, 2023

First Last Horse Level/Class Points Show
Bennett Adkins Boston Flagship Starter 3 MET-APR
Nicole Beneigh Rangers Funny Girl Novice 2 TUSCANY-MAY
Zara Bewley Blue Wallaby Novice 2 PF-MAR
Ava Bischoff Jack Beginner Novice 3 CBPC-MAR
Michele Buford Believer Beginner Novice 2 PF-MAR
Nikki Burns Canvasback Novice 1 PF-MAR
Nikki Burns Canvasback Beginner Novice 1 PF-MAR
Nikki Burns Fleurebelle Beginner Novice 4 BGPC-MAY
Nikki Burns Fleurebelle Beginner Novice 3 PF-MAR
Stephanie Calendrillo Dispatcher Novice 5 PF-MAR
Courtney Calnan Little Red Dragon Beginner Novice 4 PF-MAR
Sherri Caneer Speed Gracer Training 2 PF-MAR
William Coon Bruno Beginner Novice 4 TUSCANY-MAY
Susie Duncan Brahms Flyer Beginner Novice 1 MET-APR
Anabelle Friend Tater CZ'alad Novice 2 PF-MAR
Gianna Georgacopoulos Havehill Beginner Novice 1 TUSCANY-MAY
Gianna Georgacopoulos Havehill Novice 1 TUSCANY-MAY
Louise Gillam Wicked Worry Beginner Novice 5 MET-APR
Rebekah Jacobson Kentucky Blue Starter 3 BGPC-MAY
Jules Jarrell All Dun Up Novice 5 PF-MAR
Janey Jones Star Shrek Novice 5 CBPC-MAR
Janey Jones Star Shrek Training 3 CBPC-MAR
Piper Joseph Flat Out Fast Beginner Novice 5 TUSCANY-MAY
Natanya McMahon Ariston Starter 5 CBPC-MAR
Margaret Millar HSH Apollo Beginner Novice 3 PF-MAR
Sarah Mulloy Kentucky Gambler Starter 3 TUSCANY-MAY
Rosie Napravnik Sanimo Preliminary 2 PF-MAR
Willa Newell Take A Chance Beginner Novice 4 CBPC-MAR
Christine Pasko Essential Elegance Novice 4 MET-APR
Lisa Reynolds Angry Moon Starter 4 BGPC-MAY
Zoe Rizzuto Apache Starter 5 TUSCANY-MAY
Molly Schaffner Rudy Ruxpin Starter 5 BGPC-MAY
Kate Schmitz Qui Vive Beginner Novice 5 CBPC-MAR
Kate Schmitz Qui Vive Novice 2 CBPC-MAR
Rene Smith FlyMeToTheMoon Beginner Novice 1 BGPC-MAY
Rene Smith FlyMeToTheMoon Beginner Novice 4 MET-APR
Gillian Stover Broken Cloud Novice 5 PF-MAR
Cynthia van Aalst Artful Mademoiselle Beginner Novice 3 BGPC-MAY
Leslie van der Wal Doonhill Dancer Beginner Novice 4 PF-MAR
Leslie van der Wal Doonhill Dancer Starter 2 PF-MAR
Leslie van der Wal Doonhill Dancer Beginner Novice 3 MET-APR
Leah Vasquez Discreet Attitude Starter 2 TUSCANY-MAY
Leah Vasquez Discreet Attitude Beginner Novice 2 TUSCANY-MAY
Ansley Whitehouse Dynamic Knight Training 1 CBPC-MAR
Ansley Whitehouse Dynamic Knight Modified 1 CBPC-MAR
Ella Widman Old English Starter 2 CBPC-MAR
Ella Widman Old English Beginner Novice 2 CBPC-MAR
Taylor Wienold First Pharoh Novice 4 PF-MAR
Laura Wilhem Redfield Soranella Novice 3 PF-MAR
Linda Wood-Busby Maestro Beginner Novice 5 PF-MAR
Linda Wood-Busby Maestro Starter 3 PF-MAR
Linda Wood-Busby Maestro Beginner Novice 5 MET-APR
Mia Worth Harbor Fog Starter 3 CBPC-MAR
Heather Wu VSH Tully's Playing With Fire Novice 3 MET-APR

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