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Combined Test Awards

Year-end high point awards, first through fifth place, shall be presented by MSEDA at the annual meeting in the following Combined Test divisions or division sub-classifications. We reserve the right to combine sub-classifications if there are fewer than five qualifiers. 


a) Starter - Junior

b) Starter - Senior

c) Starter - Master

d) Beginner Novice - Junior

e) Beginner Novice - Senior

f) Beginner Novice - Master

g) Novice - Junior

h) Novice - Senior

i) Novice - Master

j) Training - Junior

k) Training - Senior

l) Training - Master

m) Preliminary - Young Rider

n) Preliminary - Senior

o) Preliminary - Master

p) Intermediate

q) Advanced

Points awarded as follows:

  1ST 2ND 3RD 4TH 5TH
5 or more entries 5 4 3 2 1
4 entries 4 3 2 1  
3 entries 3 2 1    
2 entries 2 1      
1 entry 1        

Current Year-End Standings

Updated 08/01/2022

Results include the following shows:

Paul Frazer Dressage and Combined Training Show: March 27, 2022
Bluegrass Pony Club Combined Test: May 14, 2022
Tuscany Hollow Stables Combined Test: May 21, 2022
Sayre School Combined Test and Dressage Show: May 15, 2022
Meadow Lake Equestrian Center Combined Test I: May 22, 2022
Spring Run Mini HT & Combined Test: June 12, 2022
Blackhorse Stables CT & Mini Trial: June 18-19, 2022
Blackhorse Stables CT & Mini Trial: July 11-12, 2022
Horse Aid Live: July 30, 2022

First Last Horse Level/Class Points Show
Shannon Austin Southern Violence Training 2 MLEC-MAY
Shannon Austin Southern Violence Novice 1 MLEC-MAY
Karen Barbato Bello Starter 5 SAYRE
Zara Bewley Blue Wallaby Novice 1 PFHS
Zara Bewley Blue Wallaby Novice 3 SAYRE
Sophia Brunner Carrera d'Or Beginner Novice 1 TUSCANY
Michele Buford Believer Beginner Novice 3 MLEC-MAY
Michele Buford Believer Beginner Novice 1 HAL-JUL
Stephanie Calendrillo Dispatcher Beginner Novice 2 PFHS
Stephanie Calendrillo Dispatcher Novice 4 SAYRE
Sherri Caneer Speed Gracer Novice 1 SAYRE
Watson Cofield Clockwork Charm Starter 3 SAYRE
Meghan Dayka Fianna Beginner Novice 3 HAL-JUL
Susie Duncan Brahms Flyer Training 1 SAYRE
Amelia Jean Foster Murano SCF Starter 1 SAYRE
Gianna Georgacopoulos Havenhill Novice 1 TUSCANY
Gianna Georgacopoulos Havenhill Beginner Novice 2 TUSCANY
Louise Gillam Wicked Worry Beginner Novice 4 SAYRE
Susan Hamblen Rochambeau Starter 5 PFHS
Susan Hamblen Rochambeau Beginner Novice 1 HAL-JUL
Jennifer Hardy Ferdinard Starter 1 SAYRE
Jennifer Hardy Ferdinard Starter 5 HAL-JUL
Jamie Hernandez Great Wide Open Starter 3 BHSTABLES
Jamie Hernandez Great Wide Open Starter 1 BHORSE-JUL
Katie Hesley Aghost to the Post Training 2 HAL-JUL
Maggie Hitron This Is Gonna Be Fun Training 4 SAYRE
Gail Jackson Gudrun Modified 3 HAL-JUL
Rebekah Jacobson Keltic Kross Training 4 SAYRE
Piper Joseph Niner's Blaze Beginner Novice 3 PFHS
Aliina Keers Banff Beginner Novice 5 SAYRE
Aliina Keers Hawksbridge Beginner Novice 3 SAYRE
Pam Kimmel Illusionista Beginner Novice 5 SAYRE
Pam Kimmel Illusionista Novice 3 HAL-JUL
Nick Larkin Cellusana Fleetwood Beginner Novice 2 PFHS
Nick Larkin Cellusana Fleetwood Novice 2 PFHS
Nick Larkin Cellusana Madaket Beach  Starter 2 PFHS
Natasia Lind Max Q Beginner Novice 5 HAL-JUL
Ashleigh Lunsford Gaston Novice 4 SAYRE
Ashleigh Lunsford Gaston Training 1 HAL-JUL
Samaya Martz Zip Zap It Starter 3 SAYRE
Camryn Mattox Synthesizer Beginner Novice 1 SAYRE
Camryn Mattox Synthesizer Beginner Novice 2 HAL-JUL
Micki McDaniel Magic Artist Modified 1 MLEC-MAY
Rachel Miles Cooley Keystone Novice 4 PFHS
Margaret Millar HSH Apollo Novice 4 PFHS
McKenna Miller Bo Jango Modified 4 PFHS
Rosie Napravnik Banana Thief Beginner Novice 5 TUSCANY
Rosie Napravnik New Mexico Beginner Novice 1 PFHS
Willa Newell Take A Chance Beginner Novice 4 TUSCANY
Madison Nichter Gotcha Gift Novice 2 SAYRE
Christine Pasko Essential Elegence Beginner Novice 3 PFHS
Vivian Pierce Buck Naked Novice 3 SAYRE
Ruth Rosendaul Kaloosh Training 4 PFHS
Ruth Rosendaul Kaloosh Training 5 SAYRE
Ruth Rosendaul Master Piece Z Training 4 SAYRE
Mayela Salazar Big Iron Beginner Novice 2 SAYRE
Mayela Salazar Big Iron Starter 2 SAYRE
Heather Thomas Carry Me Home Novice 2 PFHS
Madison Thompson Sweet N Tangy Novice 2 PFHS
Amanda Tucker Wave Maker Novice 2 HAL-JUL
Grace Tucker Against All Odds Starter 4 HAL-JUL
Ansley Whitehouse Dynamic Knight Training 1 SRUN-JUNE
Taylor Wienold First Pharoah Starter 3 PFHS

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