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MSEDA Dressage Awards

Dressage year-end high score awards, first through fifth place shall be presented by MSEDA in the following dressage divisions or division sub-classifications:

a) USDF Walk Trot - Junior Rider

b) USDF Walk Trot - Senior Rider

c) USDF Walk Trot - Master Rider

d) Training Level - Junior Rider

e) Training Level - Senior Rider

f) Training Level - Master Rider

g) First Level - Junior Rider

h) First Level - Senior Rider

i) First Level - Master Rider

j) Second Level

k) Third Level

l) Fourth Level

m) Fifth Level

n) FEI

o) Musical Kur

** Following horse show rules, we reserve the right to combine subdivisions if there are fewer than five qualifiers.

**Points will be awarded to first through fifth place finishers who achieve a score of 50% or higher at competitions sanctioned only by MSEDA.

** Double points will be awarded at USEF and USDF sanctioned competitions that are also sanctioned by MSEDA if a score of 50% of higher is attained.

** In open divisions with no Junior/Senior/Master sub-clkassificaion, points will be awarded for thirst through fifith places and assigned to the proper Junior/Senior/Master categories.

** In the event that there are fewer than five competitors in the class, points will be reducted according to the following schedule:


  1ST 2ND 3RD 4TH 5TH
5 or more entries 5 4 3 2 1
4 entries 4 3 2 1  
3 entries 3 2 1    
2 entries 2 1      
1 entry 1        

The following will also recieve a trophy and a ribbon.

* Dressage High Point Award - Awarded to the horse/rider combination who have amassed the greatest number of points competing in dressage during the competition year.

* Dressage High Point Junior Rider - Awarded to the rider under age 18 who has amassed the greatest number of points competing in dressage during the competition year.

* Dressage High Point Senior Rider - Awarded to the rider age 22 - 49 who has amassed the greatest number of points competing in dressage during the competition year.

* Dressage High Point Master Rider - Awarded to the rider age 50 and over who has amassed the greatest number of points competing in dressage during the competition year.

* Dressage High Point Adult Amateur - Awarded to the amateur rider over age 21 who has submitted a copy of his/her USEF amateur card to the Dressage Points Chair and amassed the greatest number of points competing in dressage during the competition year.

* FEI Certificate of Achievement - Awarded to any rider who has achieved a minimum score of 57% at the FEI level at an USEF/USDF- recognized competition. A copy of the qualifying test, including judge's signature, must be submitted to the MSEDA Dressage Points Chair in order to be eligible.

* Dressage High Point Mare - The Tundra Memorial Trophy - Awarded to the mare who has amassed the greatest number of points in dressage during the competition year. ** This includes a perpetual trophy as well as the individual trophy.

* Dressage Company's Musical Kur - Awarded to the horse who has amassed the greatest number of points at musical kur competitions during the competition year.

* Outstanding Dressage Show - Must be sanctioned by MSEDA. This award is determined by nomination and vote of the general membership at the annual awards banquet.

To be elgible for all awards:

1. The Competition Year begins on November 1 and runs through October 31 of the following year.

2. The rider must be a member in good standing and fulfill the minimum volunteer hours. (eight hours total -- four at either the Mid South Dressage Show or Mid South Team Challenge.) Click here for the Volunteer Hours Form.

3. Activate the horse - notify the secretary on the membership form the horse/rider combination. Points accrue only after activation date is in effect.

We also present the following awards:

* Kob Ryen Memorial Trophy - Nominated and Voted on at the annual meeting by the general membership and awarded to the individual who has done the most to further the purpose of MSEDA during the year. It may be awarded to a rider or a non-rider. ** This award consists of a perpetual trophy as well as an individual trophy.

* Bryn Wilborn Memorial Trophy - To recognize MSEDA young riders who have participated in the North American Young Rider Championships in dressage or eventing. Their names will be inscribed on the Bryn Wilborn Memorial Trophy on display at the Kentucky Horse Park, and each will receive a commemorative julep cup.

** Volunteer Julep Cups - Up to twelve individuals, nominated and voted upon by the organizers of MSEDA sanctioned competitions, may be awarded volunteer julep cups each year to recognize the efforts of outstanding volunteers.

Current Year-End Standings

Updated 4/17/2017

Shows included:

KDA Fall Schooling

Snowbird November

Snowbird December

Snowbird January

Snowbird March

Spring Run Dressage Show

Paul Frazier

Introductory LevelTotal
Laura Wilhelm (SR)Who's Jane5
Training LevelTotal
Nicole Beneigh (SR)Huge Cyclone5
Alexa Ehlers (SR)Clear Laveer7
Alexa Ehlers (SR)Harley Goldsmith3
Gracie Elliott (JR)Ballylanders Finn McCool4
Joan Gariboldi (SR)Cantata4
Caroline Greathouse (SR)Henery VIII30
Emma O'Brien (JR)Piccolo's Dance5
Aine O'Rourke (JR)I've Got Rythym 6
Amelia Proto (SR)Ibboyee5
Ruth Rosendaul (Jr)Kaloosh3
Laura Wilhelm (SR)Who's Jane3
First LevelTotal
Deanna Craychee (SR)Tisiphone1
Alexa Ehlers (SR)Harley Goldsmith5
Gracie Elliott (JR)Ballylanders Finn McCool3
Joan Gariboldi (SR)Cantata5
Rachel Leneweaver (SR)Clear Sailing3
William Robertson (SR)Street Call4
Chris Tucker (SR)Apple Jack3
Chris Wall (M)Simon's Silhouette1
Second LevelTotal
Elissa Gibbs (SR)Fernhill Superhero9
Marty Riney (SR)Uliza Jane3
Sarah Andres (SR)Ima Little Waki4
Third LevelTotal
Madison Deaton (YR)Rasputin1
Western DressageTotal
Jane Brack (SR)Hank9
Susan Neff (SR)She's Nobody's Fool5
Nikki Wahl-Seto (SR)Shiny Tiny Dancer1

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