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Combined Test Awards

Year-end high point awards, first through fifth place, shall be presented by MSEDA at the annual meeting in the following Combined Test divisions or division sub-classifications. We reserve the right to combine sub-classifications if there are fewer than five qualifiers. 


a) Starter - Junior

b) Starter - Senior

c) Starter - Master

d) Beginner Novice - Junior

e) Beginner Novice - Senior

f) Beginner Novice - Master

g) Novice - Junior

h) Novice - Senior

i) Novice - Master

j) Training - Junior

k) Training - Senior

l) Training - Master

m) Preliminary - Young Rider

n) Preliminary - Senior

o) Preliminary - Master

p) Intermediate

q) Advanced

Current Year-End Standings

Updated 05/23/2018

Shows Include:
Covered Bridge PC CT
Paul Frazer CT
Sayre CT

Starter Total
Kayla Conrad (JR) Ballinagore Knight 4
Rachel Miles (SR) Mazie 6
Laura Normandin (SR) Q 5
Olivia Normandin (JR) Seminole Joe 5
Cathy Rutter (M) Casanova 6
Taylor Thompson (JR) Romeo 2
Beginner Novice Total
Nora Brown (JR) Leal 2
Kayla Conrad (JR) Ballinagore Knight 4
Rachel Miles (SR) Zane 10
Jane Musselman (SR) Class C'Obolensky 5
Laura Normandin (SR) Q 6
Olivia Normandin (JR) Seminole Joe 6
Jenn O'Neill (SR) TS Eliot 3
Marty Riney (SR) Harry 5
Kelly Rover (SR) Coonaboy Rubens 2
Novice Total
Jane Beshear (M) Mountain Light 3
Courtney Calnan (SR) CC Little Black Dress 2
Sherri Caneer (SR) Gallardo 1
Larkspur Carroll (SR) Caspia 3
Madison Deaton (YR) It's Friday 4
Caroline Greathouse (SR) Henery VIII 4
Jyl Lavera (M) Class Action 5
Alston Kerr (M) Sir Earl Grey 2
Micki McDaniel (M) Magic Artist 4
Rachel Miles (SR) Zane 9
McKenna Millar (JR) Flying Ace 2
Marty Riney (SR) War Melody 4
Marty Riney (SR) Quite An American 5
Ruth Rosendaul (JR) Kaloosh 5
Rachel Rozenboom (YR) Worth My Wait 1
Zoe Thompson (JR) Agree To Be Good 2
Laura Wilhelm (SR) And Loving It 1
Training Total
Bennett Baughman (SR) Arch Dancer 3
Lauren Burhmann (SR) Currahee 5
Micki McDaniel (M) Magic Artist 2
Madison Deaton (YR ) It's Friday 4
Natanya McMahon (SR) Quiero Bourbon 2
Megan Moore (SR) Master Mind 5
Jane Musselman (SR) Chapel Hill 4
Jane Musselman (SR) Duke of Diamond 4
Rachel Rozenboom (YR) Worth My Wait 3
Laura Willhelm (SR) And Loving It 5
Laura Willhelm (SR) Bowman's Point 1
Prelim Total
Sarah Andres (SR) Ima Little Waki 4
Olivia Hahn (JR) Fernhill Roger That 2
Anna Kjellstrom (M) Run Marvin Run 3
Megan Moore (SR) Mooney McGuire 5
Jenn O'Neill (SR) Andeken 1

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