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Volunteers Needed: Hagyard Midsouth Three-day Event and Team Challenge Horse Trial

10/16/2017 2:18 PM | Deleted user

Volunteer opportunities for MSEDA members abound. Each month, we will feature an opportunity for members to obtain volunteer hours and help put on a successful, MSEDA-sanctioned show.

By Sarah E. Coleman

Date and Time: Tuesday, October 17 through  Sunday, October 22. 

Tuesday – In-barn inspections for the CCI* and three-day competitors
Wednesday - Jogs for the CCI* and three-day competitors (this is always something fun to watch if you are in the Lexington area in the afternoon!) 
Thursday - Dressage CCI*
Friday - Dressage three-day and OP competitors, XC CCI*, SJ OP
Saturday - Second Jog CCI*, XC three-day and OP riders, Dressage for the rest of the HT's, and CCI* show jumping
Sunday - Second Jog three-day competitors, XC ON and OBN, and SJ for three-day riders and OT

As you can tell, it takes an absolute village to run this event on schedule! 

Event History: The oldest team eventing competition in the United States, the MidSouth Three-Day Event and Team Challenge will feature multiple divisions recognized by the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF). The showcase division is the Hagyard MidSouth CCI*, which has been designated as the USEF National One-Star Three-Day Event Championships and will run in the traditional long format, which includes both the roads and tracks and steeplechase phases.

 While participants in the Hagyard/Midsouth CCI* face the most demanding courses, the hallmark competitions of the show are the team events, which are offered at the novice, training and preliminary levels. Over 400 riders will compete at the Hagyard MidSouth Three-Day Event and Team Challenge. Most of these riders will be part of a four-member team. Scores of all team members will be combined and prizes awarded to high-scoring teams. Individual awards are also given.

The MidSouth Eventing and Dressage Association (MSEDA) and the Michigan Combined Training Association conceived of the event began more than 20 years ago as a friendly competition among teams from regional combined training associations. With just a handful of entries, volunteers organized the event from beginning to end. Eventually, MSEDA took full control of the show and it has become a substantial fundraiser.

The show has become a highlight of fall eventing schedules. Riders from all 50 states and 10 countries have tested their competitive mettle at the MidSouth Three-Day Event and Team Challenge; we look forward to welcoming competitors back this October!

Volunteer opportunities before the event:
Stall cards will be placed on Monday morning, and with over 500 stalls, we can definitely use an extra hand or two. Dressage rings need to be set by Wednesday, and the jog lanes need to be decorated. 

Volunteer Opportunities during the event:
We can use hands everywhere, please please please volunteer! Lynn Davis is our wonderful volunteer coordinator; she can be reached at lynndavis@twc.com. She can put anyone to work, riders (yes, we can work around your ride times), husbands, boyfriends, parents, kids, etc. This is a great way to get the people in your life involved. 

Volunteer opportunities at the conclusion of the event:
Cross-country jumps need to be stripped and put away, dressage rings need to be put up and organized, we always love seeing how awesome our event was on different outlets. Thank you notes are always a great add. 

Who should a potential volunteer contact to either learn more or sign up? 
Please contact Lynn Davis, lynndavis@twc.com. She is a superstar and needs all the help we can get. We have over 500 riders at this event, and we have lots of moving parts. Please pitch in and do your part. 

What should volunteers know? 
It's October in Kentucky. It could very easily be 90 degrees or it can snow, so please dress appropriately: boots, rain clothes, extra layers, etc. We will provide all volunteers with snacks and lunch. 

Please, please: If you volunteer, please honor your commitment. We are counting on you to be at your assigned post. 

Midsouth Eventing & Dressage Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

MSEDA’s mission is to promote and preserve the sports of Eventing and Dressage in the Mid-South area, by providing leadership and education to its members and the community at large. To further these goals, MSEDA will provide educational opportunities, fair and safe competitions, promote the welfare of the horse and rider and reward the pursuit of excellence from the grass roots to the FEI level.

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