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Common Mistakes in Show Jumping

09/05/2018 1:08 PM | Deleted user

In an effort to keep our membership educated and abreast of errors in competition that can be avoided, this issue will focus on showjumping and what can be done to reduce the chances of faults and disqualification that can happen in addition to the more run-of-the-mill time and dropped-rail penalties.

By Sarah E. Coleman

There are common mistakes among riders in all disciplines, and show jumping is no exception. While it may seem fairly straightforward (leave all the jumps up and jump the course in the allotted time), errors are still common during this phase, at all heights. Janice Holmes, an eventing trainer and USEF “r” judge in eventing, as well as MSEDA licensed in eventing, stadium and dressage, offers these insights to not gain any additional penalties (as well as stay in the judge’s good graces!):

1.     Starting before the bell has rung. Be sure to listen for your signal. If two rings are going at the same time, know if you are a tone, bell or whistle. EV154 2.6
2.     If you slide into an obstacle, listen for the signal. If there is no signal, you can continue and are charged four points for a knockdown. EV153.4
If there is a signal, you have been charged with a refusal and must wait for the jump to be rebuilt so you can have another go at it. You will be charged 4 points for the refusal and 6 seconds will be added to your time. EV150.6.d
3.     A jump blows down after the bell has rung, but before the competitor starts. The bell will eb run again and the jump will be reset. If the competitor does not stop, he continues at his own discretion. He may or may not be eliminate. EV152.9
4.     You have a refusal at the B element of an A/B combination. You must re-jump element A. EV154.2.n
5.     It is your responsibility to enter the ring when your name/number is called. You may be eliminated if it’s your turn and you don’t follow the directions from the warm-up steward. “My coach is not here,” “I am not ready” and “I didn’t know you were running early are not excuses, you should jump during your division. Posted times for show jumping are fairly accurate, and you should check with the stewards to see if they are running early or late. If you need to go out of order, check with the stewards and the warm-up volunteer BEFORE show jumping starts. With computer scheduling, adequate time is allotted between ride.  EV154.3.a

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